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We are an ever-growing community of several thousand local families. Our community plans their family lives and day-to-day schedules with the local places and events at Mommy ‘n Me.

Join our Community Guide & Directory. Be part of our lives.

If you have met any mamas in the area, you’re bound to have met those with Mommy ‘n Me! You see us around town meeting for family dinners, social stroller walks, picnics, storytimes and other adventures to enrich our days, keep our families active throughout the year.

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We love to find great places to go, new ways to grow with our children and ways to enrich our lives while supporting our local community. Join our community directory to get started and stay connected. Gain Online Visibility through our Web Pages & Social Media Word-of-Mouth Recommendations within Our Community.

Community Reach

Our local Mommy ‘n Me families and friends are connected in events, our social community pages and in-person for events, activities and playdates. We love to find great places to go, new ways to grow with our children and ways to enrich our lives while supporting our local community.

Directory Listing

Our directory is the resource guide for our Community.  Your listing within Mommy ‘n Me looks and functions like a small website for your business, increasing exposure by connecting you with the right target market. New customers can learn all about who you are and what you do, while current customers can leave a review of their experiences and stay up to date on current offers,  promotions and events at your location. All listings are encouraged to showcase beautiful photography and an interactive map to help draw customers to your location.


The Events & Activity Calendar is available for Events Plus and Love It Locations.  In a time of making a home and growing a family, it is the activities, products and services we experience together that make up the daily lives, weekly schedules and well-earned personal time of our members. Join our Calendar to be part of the experience.

We  Love It

Being a Love It Location means that you are a mom-tested kid-approved location!  Gain exposure for your business for local families discover you!   Reach a captive audience to share your message along with activities, programs or special offers you may have throughout the year.
Featured Listing

Featured listings gain Top Visibility in our Directory & Events Calendar. Get more people referring to you, frequenting your page, sharing your social messages and visiting your location. Tell the Community who you are, what your current offers are and any relevant updates from your own social media accounts. If you utilize our Activity Calendar, your event will be featured, as well. Subscribers to our Featured Listing also receive spots within our newsletter sent out to our members.
Special Offers

Entice new business and draw back old customers by utilizing our Special Offers section, available exclusively to the Mommy ‘n Me Directory.  You must have an approved Directory Listing to be eligible for our Special Offers section!
Social Community

News goes out to all members continually, a recap of current events, upcoming activities and recommendations and any relevant news. The newsletter goes out more frequently during holiday and special event times.  We deliver our news in a variety of ways to suit the varied preferences of our group.
Mamas love to share their favorite spots and deals, while we love to share our favorites through social media, newsletters and messages sent directly to the inboxes of everyone in our community!  With this many ways of getting noticed, Mommy ‘n Me is a great directory to join and be stronger together.
Community Reviews

Mamas share their positive experiences and feedback,  building rapport and trust with your business.

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