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Mommy & Me, Infant & Kids Yoga Classes RSVP with The Yoga Nest by calling (754) 610-1660 or go to

The Yoga Nest has established itself within the community as a gathering place with open doors and an extended helping hand, connecting new mothers with proper and appropriate prenatal and postpartum care services, including the forging of mommy-to-mommy bonds. The Yoga Nest is a judgement free, safe zone.

“Join us for prenatal, mom & baby, toddler, kids and adult yoga.
Our nest is warm and inviting. You won’t feel judged.”

The Birth of The Yoga Nest

When you think of a nest, your mind considers a protected place of care and encouragement, an incubator, a home. Founded by Ifat Kent, The Yoga Nest is a welcoming second home for women and their families through pregnancy, birth and beyond.

If the name of Ifat sounds familiar, there is good reason for it! The founder of The Yoga Nest is not new to our local yoga scene, having prepared and assisted women in their journeys to motherhood for many years through yoga and birth doula services. Providing support to women and their birth partners, she started out by offering Prenatal Yoga, added Postpartum Yoga with baby and expanded to offer Birth Doula Services, Birth Preparation & Education, Relaxation, Meditation, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Group & Private classes.

Our teachers focus on bringing the community together and having fun! Our goal is to empower each individual student to find what works best for them in their practice.

RSVP with The Yoga Nest by calling (754) 610-1660 or go to

Mommy & Me, Infant & Kids Yoga Classes

There are many reasons to practice Yoga. It helps us to be in touch with our bodies. It improves sleep, posture, and mood. Breath and meditation can improve concentration, feelings of wellness and even self – love. Wouldn’t it make sense to start early? As early as infancy? Most of us are looking for better health, less stress, concentration, etc. Why not start working on skills that promote all these as soon as possible? Health and happiness don’t need to wait. Start now.
~ Ifat Kent, Founder of The Yoga Nest #ifatkent


Give you family the gift of yoga as the fall series of Kids Yoga Classes are starting at The Yoga Nest FL, located at Flamingo and Sheridan in Cooper City.

Baby & Me Yoga

Wednesdays @ 11:45 am
Aug 22 – Oct 10
Cost: $130 for 8 classes or $18 drop in


Mom & Baby Yoga

A nourishing practice for moms
Fridays @ 11:45 am
Cost: 5 for $80 or 10 for $150


Toddler Yoga (ages 18 months -3 years)

Thursdays @ 3:00 pm
Sep 6 – Oct 11
Cost: 5 for $80 or 10 for $150


Kids Yoga Series (ages 3-5)

Thursdays @ 4:00 pm
Sep 6 – Oct 11
Cost: 5 for $80 or 10 for $150


Kids Yoga Series (ages 6-9 years)

Thursdays @ 5:00 pm
Sep 6 – Oct 11
Cost: 5 for $80 or 10 for $150



The Yoga Nest is a family-oriented space led by supportive instructors in providing nurturing classes for children, expectant mothers, postnatal/ mommy and me and families.

Join throughout the week for a special place to attend nurturing classes: toddler/ children, prenatal/ postnatal wellness, baby/ mommy and me and family yoga!

12165 Sheridan St
Cooper City, Florida

(754) 610-1660

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