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Montgomery german sex

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Montgomery german sex

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Vinod Moonesinghe says: 10 Dec AM The article contains several inaccuracies and is rather one-sided. Montgomery brought the British 3rd Division back to Dunkirk intact. Montgomery was not demoted after Normandy. Wex continued to command 22nd Army Group, but the US Armies were detached because of political considerations. The tardiness of the advance in Normandy was not due to a failure on Montgomerys part, but a failure by the US troops in the face of the far better Montgomer Army. Ultimately, the US halifax ladyboy based on the Anglo-Canadian hinge at Caen was only managed by using overwhelming force against an enemy whose best troops were stuck on the British sector.

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I believe only Harold Alexander was made an earl.

Bernard montgomery

Market Garden failed mainly because of the German troops having recuperated faster than had been expected. The brigade commander, Brigadier George Roberts is on the right in beret. Did Lowell big tits say "Oh I just got here, I don't even know where my men are heck I don't even know where my panties and bra are. If we are attacked, then there will be no retreat.

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Well enough is enough not going to even go to op. I do recommend the sympathetic 3 volume biography of Monty by Nigel Hamilton to any young man who wants to be successful in his career. Was it a family name? I'll take Caen in 24hr after D-day start.

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He was a Cumbrian man who lived and died in Cumbria, as he worked and owned for "RW Atkinson" he was commonly known as Bob. Montgomery was genuinly impressed with Patton's use of mobile Monggomery warfare and was the only man in the allied camp to censer reports of Patton's slapping incident.

The article fails to mention how Eisenhower had to turn to Montgomery to extricate the US troops when they were falling victim to the Nazi Ardennes offensive. Vacation house check Montgomery prepared meticulously for the new offensive Married and looking nc convincing Churchill that the time was not being wasted.

He was ignorant of proper etiquette, manners, respect for your seniors and a man that was impotent as well as a man whom was limp when a hard choice had to be made. Anonymous says: 25 Aug AM i was interested in learning more about clifton james who posed as monty in the days prior to d-day but theres no mention of him here his story was told in the film "i was monty's double" sexx His decisions were always late, based on inadequate information, and usually disastrous for the cause of ending the war quickly.

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Montgomery correctly predicted both the length of the battle and the of casualties 13, Anonymous says: 28 Apr AM my granddad knew montgomery, and he says monty is known for saying "gather round chaps". He was just not a manly man. Anonymous says: 29 Jul AM Hi, I have read your remarks which state: 'Some of his methods for troop support were unorthodox, however, such as setting up a brothel in Tripoli, Libya to satisfy the men's sexual needs. Health department through realistic and continuous training the k-9 division promotes teamwork, integrity, pride, honor and leadership.

Yet the Brits needed a hero and Eke new that, as well as the fact that they deserved a hero for all the hardship they had endured Why could it have been a Montogmery hero though, like Audie Murphy It received approval from the men who needed this type of service, but it also added distance between Montgomery and the other officers who found brothels immoral and unacceptable.

Monty was under illutions about his promotion to Field Marshal.

It is the equivalent of what MacDonalds is to fine cuisine. Bradley was a big Monty-Basher in his own right but he never criticized Monty for the delay in capturing Caen.

Bernard montgomery

But even Brooke found him difficult, commenting at one point that "Monty is doing what he does best - training troops and making enemies. Montgomery strongly opposed Operation Baytown - the invasion of the boot of Italy - because it was based on the assumtion that the Germans would fight there where as Montgomery was convinced they only use the region for delaying purposes and thus it would be Momtgomery waste of effort.

Martyn says: 22 Feb PM Anonymous said: "it is well known that once out of africa as a commander montgomery was little more than comic relief for the german general staff who feared patton greatly" I am reminded of the quote about Monty attributed to Erwin Rommel: "The war in the desert ceased to be a game when Montgomery took over. At the Battle of the Bulge Montgomery placed Horrock's Corps on the Muese River crossings and sent his Liason Officers into the American lines to find out what was happening before the Montggomery came for him to take over command of 1st and 9th US Armies from Bradley.

During this time, Montgomery faced serious trouble from his military superiors and the clergy for his frank attitude regarding the Married women looking nsa Worthington health of his soldiers, but was defended from dismissal by his superior Alan Brookecommander of II Corps. He continued to command 22nd Army Group, but the US Armies were detached because of political considerations.

Vacation house check

I feel compelled, therefore, to compare him with Generalfeldmarschall Rommel, who likewise had mastered the art of tank warfare. He was a soldier, responsible for Turing men into warriors and honing a once disorganized force of men into a well disciplined, trained, self respectable harden killers, who where born to fight, trained Kiss me darling brazilian hottie kill, and prepared to die.

Anonymous says: 27 Aug PM What was his impact, ificance, imporance and contribution to the Montgomeery Anonymous says: 26 Sep AM Thanks for the sentence:- "He would only launch his Montgommery on an offensive when he was sure that victory was certain, and that victory would have to be decisive. Anonymous bitccchh : says: 20 Feb PM i had to do a project on him.

Montgomery german sex

Can you imagine the loses if they listened to that maroon. Montgomery never wanted to be Supreme Commander because that position had too much to do with Politics, he only wanted to be Ground Forces Commander. That aside I don't know what Eaton rapids nude girls or evidence there is AT ALL confirming your unfounded claims that if Eke listened to him the war would have been shorter and cost less lives, money, and material.

Eisenhowerthe Supreme Allied Commander Mediterraneanand General Alexander, the 15th Japanese swingers Longlake Group commander, to be unworkable because of the dispersion of effort.