Earth Day with Young Children

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Earth Day is a great opportunity to build your child’s appreciation, respect and wonder of nature and interaction provides are variety of ways to have a positive and lasting learning experience.  Whatever you choose to do for Earth Day, make sure your kids have the opportunity to interact with nature hands-on.

For my little guy, nothing gives him more satisfaction than to throw rocks in the water. It is his favorite thing! So, i had to bring that into our Earth Day Excursion and turned it into a learning lesson in type, size and density. We found berries, seeds, sticks, leaves and rocks – some of which float and some sink!

Earth Day Ideas

  • Planting 
    Start from seeds or relocate a seedling, choose a pot or a plot!
  • Nature Walk
    Go on a stroll, hike or bike!  Discuss the world around or stop and play (go barefoot!).
  • Art Project
    Use items found outdoors to make etchings, designs or even jewelry!

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