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We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym
provides children with a fun and motivational environment to help them in the areas of strength, movement, sensory processing, communication, positive behavior modification, social interactions, and self-care skills.  Through our nonprofit My Brother Rocks The Spectrum Foundation, we provide social skills groups and activities for children across the spectrum.

A safe, nurturing and sensory friendly environment.

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Sensory Gym for Kids

We Rock the Spectrum Davie provides children with a fun and motivational environment to help them in the areas of strength, movement, sensory processing, communication, positive behavior modification, social interactions, and self-care skills. Our unique equipment assists all children in their neurological growth and development.

ReadSpecialized Classes, Programs, and Equipment for Children of All Abilities

We Rock The Spectrum Kid’s Gym is one of the best kids gyms there is.  They are set up to be able to help kids of all ability levels grow, develop, and have a whole lot of fun. They specialize in helping kids with special needs, but offer an all inclusive environment for kids of every ability level to come and learn, play and develop the skills they need.

Classes, Parties & Special Events

Their gym is full of awesome equipment, a friendly, full trained, and attentive staff, and a lot more. Some of the more comes in the form of classes and programs designed to help kids develop with regular sessions of structures play and developmental activities that help to improve physical, social, motor, and sensory skills in children of any skill level.

We Rock The Spectrum Kid’s Gym offers the opportunity to host a party at the facility as well. Whether celebrating a birthday, graduation, or just a fun party there are four different party packages to choose from offering parents the chance to host a party for their children and friends that will give them a long-lasting memory of a party full of fun.

Check out We Rock The Spectrum Kid’s Gym and see what an awesome environment of play, fun, inclusion, and development is offered for you and your children to enjoy.

We Rock Care

We offer two levels of We Rock Care services: Respite & Break Time Care and One-to-One Attendant Care.

Our Respite & Break Time Care is designed to provide a break for families with children with special needs. We understand how difficult it is to balance the needs of siblings, spouses, or yourself, so this service is designed with you in mind. Children without a special needs diagnosis may also use this service.

For children who require constant care and who have behavioral or safety concerns, we’ve created a more intensive level of support with our One-to-One Attendant Care.

  • All We Rock Care services are for an hourly rate of $12 per hour. Additional costs may apply.
  • A parent conversion form is required for both levels of service.
  • We Rock the Spectrum is not a licensed daycare facility.

Events & Activities

Monthly Rock and Roll Playgroup at WRTS Gym in Davie 1st Tuesday
Come rock and roll with our favorite community of Moms and their Littles at the new WRTS in Davie! Join us for Playgroup on the 1st Tuesday of each month! Only $6 entry for the first 20 moms.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/147038176020483/
Meetup: https://www.meetup.com/MommynMeBrowardCounty/events


My Brother Rocks The Spectrum Foundation is our non-profit organization that helps families receive the funding they need to participate in our social skills/activity groups, classes, camps and to use the specialized sensory swings and activities WRTS offers. We offer these groups to children and young adults from 2 to 18yrs of age.

A Note From The Owner, Carmen

My name is Carmen. My husband Carlos and I have 2 children…Sophie (9) and Esai’ (6). My beautiful daughter Sophie was born with a very rare genetic disorder called Prader Willi Syndrome. Naturally, as parents, we wanted to be gentle with our child, even more so because of their special needs, but as many special needs parents can relate, for our children, we are driven by the goal to have them be all they can be. My goal is to, not only have a place where all kids, of all abilities can play, but also to provide a place in our community where families can meet, network, exchange resources and support one another. I look forward to Rockin’ It in Davie!!

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