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Together, we can create the organized home that you desire and the stress free environment to create beautiful memories.

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SFL Organizers is focused on making your dream of living in an organized home a reality. We help you transform your home by analyzing each space individually. We pay close attention to details. We understand that your home and the things in it often hold beautiful memories. Sometimes those items create clutter. Together we will create solutions. We help you hold on to the things that are special while letting go of the rest.


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Carol Baez-Zaciewski  recommends SFL Organizers.
I want to express how incredibly happy I am to have found Indira at SFL Organizers!
I was losing my peace of mind every time I stepped into my walk-in closet, and forget my kids playroom, I started to avoid having to look in there. I had tried organizing these several times and a few days later my time spent was completely turned into a waste of time. 
I gave up but then I decided to call Indira after finding her in a FB group. I was amazed at the wonderful ideas she had to transform both spaces. I have been living two weeks of a blissful looking closet and playroom. Not only is her work absolutely amazing but I have learned so many great tips to continue keeping things organized. 
On a final note she is an amazing person and overall I just feel grateful that I chose her!

Julie Anderson Exposito  recommends SFL Organizers

Indira at SFL is an expert organizer who has the gift to transform any space. Although I appreciate organization, I have never been very good at it. So when I met with Indira to discuss options, I never imagined the end result! She has completely transformed our home from a messy space to a very orderly place. She was able to organize tiny spaces to finally fit everything. Now everything is accessible and easily found in our kitchen. She gave us plenty of advice about reworking spaces. I never realized that there is an art to folding, so although she shared tips with us, I could never replicate it, which is why her maintenance plan is so helpful. Thank you, Indira, for reworking and redefining our space. I highly recommend SFL Organizers to others, it was the best decision I ever made!

Karine Carmello  recommends SFL Organizers

Indira is such a pleasure to work with! So accommodating to your needs! She does amazing “magic” making the impossible happen to transform your space! Conveniently helps getting supplies for the project too. Excellent work! Highly recommended!


Heather Small Gilbert  recommends SFL Organizers

Indira was great to work with! She was very organized and had a vision. All the rooms she worked on are clutter free and easy to maintain. I would highly recommend.

Meet Indira of SFL Organizers!

Hi my name is Indira. I am the owner of Sfl Organizers. I am super excited to offer my services to you. I am a mother of two wonderful children. I used to homeschool my son when he was little as well as care for my then 1 year old daughter. I remember struggling to find the time to do everything. After teaching, playing with, caring for my children and doing the needed cooking and cleaning in my home, I was too tired to take on organizing projects around my home that needed to be done. I would like to offer my services to help get organized. Kids have a lot of things and their things can take up a lot of space in our home. Many times this leads to clutter and frustration which often leads to stress on you which then affects your kids.

I am excited to help you remove clutter by sorting, categorizing, and donating what needs to be donated. We will then work together to create a system that works for you and your family. I can help you transform any room in your home.



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