Rock with Mama with Laura

Rock with Mama Babywearing Dance

Rock with Mama Baby Wearing Dance is a class designed by Laura (yes, of Zumbini with Laura!). Rock and sway to the music and find your rhythm as you burn calories while holding your little one close.

Exercise and burn calories through dance with your baby close – because what place is more comfortable than being close to mom and her heartbeat?

Babywearing-Friendly Fitness Class for Moms

Thank you for the opportunity!  There are many benefits of dancing with your baby.
For the Mom :

🎶 We are burning a lot of calories and that helps us with weight loss.
🎶 The cardiovascular part helps us maintain a strong heart and helps us to lower the pressure if we suffer from high blood pressure.
🎶 Exercise and dancing helps us to have energy!
🎶 It also makes us happy, moms #mentalhealth is very important too.

The baby also benefits:
👶🏻 he feels safe and happy
👶🏻 helps introduce the music and rhythm
👶🏻 we are also working on their vestibular (balance) system
👶🏻 what place is more comfortable than being close to mom and her heartbeat ❤️

Recommendations for Mom and Baby

For safety of both mom and baby we require that baby is at least 6 weeks of age.  We also ask that Mom has received clearance from  her doctor/provider to resume physical activity .

Please bring a safe baby carrier (buckled carriers are preferred unless you are very comfortable and well practiced with wraps), sneakers and water bottle.

It can get quite toasty in carrier, so light layers of clothing are best.  If you are uncertain about which baby carrier to use, feel free to reach out as there are babywearing classes available in our area!  Before attending class, you may check out Babywearing International or meet with a babywearing educator (classes offered at The Yoga Nest) to ensure that your baby is safely and correctly placed in your carrier.

Laura Ramos, Creator and Instructor

My name is Laura, I am a wife and a mom to 3 boys who make my world go round. I am a Physical Therapist Assistant, with a passion for music and dance. Spreading education, prevention and awareness in health related topics is one of my callings. Welcome!

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