Piano Lessons with Jana

Private In-home Piano Lessons with Mrs Jana


Piano Lessons with Jana offers private piano lessons to students of all ages and levels in the convenience of your home.

Each piano lesson is tailored directly for the student’s level and progress.

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Discover the happiness that music can bring to your home!  Learning with Mrs Jana while using the WunderKeys books, your child’s lessons will be filled with imagination, game-based learning and enjoyable music!  Now accepting registrations for January 2019 for private in-home piano lessons.

About the Lessons

By enrolling in private music lessons, you are giving your child or yourself a wonderful gift. Participation in music education programs provides developmental benefits not only in music, but in other areas of development as well, including cognitive, physical, language, social and emotional development.

Preschool Piano Lessons

Jana is offering preschool piano curriculum WunderKeys that was developed to provide one-on-one piano lessons to children ages 3-5, and combines beginning piano skills with a foundation in math; creating connections that facilitate mathematical understanding in the future and love of the arts.

Beginners Piano Lessons

An encouraging first music lesson experience is critical to your child’s long term enjoyment of the piano. WunderKeys primer lessons have been designed for that and more! The lessons meet the needs of beginning piano students ages 5+ and ensuring that their first experience with the piano are both positive and enjoyable.

Piano Lessons for Teens and Tweens

Teens want to play music that interests them, that they consider “cool,” or that relates to their musical preferences. Jana’s primary goal is to have your teenager enjoy music. She takes teens’ musical needs into account, focuses on cultivating the internal motivation to practice and play for the love of music.

Piano Lessons for Adults

Lessons are offered for adult beginners or intermediate / advanced players who wish to rekindle or develop their skills. Lessons are designed to match your personal musical interests and objectives.

About the Teacher

Jana is a pianist, She studied piano performance and pedagogy at Private Conservatory of Dezider Kardos in Slovakia and musicology at Charles University in Prague, where she attained her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. She has been teaching piano since 2005.

Piano Lessons with Jana

Phone: (239) 823-1048

🎶First Lesson FREE🎶

Hours: Monday - Friday 2:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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