Laurel Oak Nature School & Garden

Nature Based Learning Center

Our Nature School is a Montessori-inspired outdoor program for homeschooled students. Nature School is designed to foster a love of learning and a deep compassion for and understanding of the environment.

Child-led learning focused on eco-consciousness, sustainability, mindfulness and volunteerism.

At Laurel Oak Nature School & Garden, our mission is to provide an educational nature immersion environment.   Our goal is to create a learning habitat which fosters children’s inner curiosity, creativity and a positive connection with all of the earth’s living things.

Nature School for Young Children in Palm Beach

Outdoor-immersion preschools and kindergartens have existed in Europe for nearly two centuries. They are based on the philosophy that children flourish most when they spend their days outdoors and learn through imaginative play and self-led explorative learning. A number of studies (links are included at the bottom of this page) have found that an increased amount of time outdoors not only benefits children’s physical health, but also fosters creativity, better social skills and improves concentration and learning capacity.

Our program is play-based and allows children to develop their skills and habits over time and at their own pace. Children learn naturally to be self-motivated, cooperative, respectful, grateful, and aware of their impact on the earth. Children experience outdoor adventures in all weather conditions. The outdoor classroom is made as safe as is reasonably possible, in order to facilitate children’s risk-taking. It provides a complete immersion in garden areas and nature helping to build a child’s sense of place in the world.

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