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Tutoring Services for children, adults and families. Gardiner Scholarship, Our Military Kids accepted.

1:1 Tutoring and Academic Support for K-12 and Adults in Math, English, Science, Spanish and Test Prep (ACT, PSAT, SAT, TOEFL, GRE, etc.).

A-Z Educational Consulting is your in-home tutor for K-12 and Adult Education/Training.  A-Z Educational Consulting is a comprehensive educational service group that specializes in providing a broad range of professional academic support for students, parents and school organizations.

It’s not only young children we work with but also middle and high schoolers, too.  We individualize the tutoring experience to the student and the family. We work with your schedule and your family needs and dynamics.

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Juntos, podemos lograr éxito académico para su hijo(a). Tutoría eficaz en su casa está a su alcance. Somos una compañía certificada.

Affordable Tutoring Services

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Our tutors are background checked and assessed for knowledge of content.   A-Z Educational Consulting tutoring services are the BEST and AFFORDABLE for our families. We Accept Gardiner Scholarships as well as Our Military Kids.

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Our Mission

Helping kids to reach the top of their class and become a shining example is our mission.

Tutoring Services and Academic Support

Student Tutoring is content specific support outside the classroom. Our tutors and tutor partners focus on building concrete skills and helping students with what they immediately need to keep up with schoolwork. A-Z tutors also help students review material taught in class, complete homework and study for assessments.

Academic Coaching is similar to a sports coach however an academic coach tends to work on strategies to help kids succeed. They can help kids develop a more organized approach to learning and schoolwork. They may also focus on strategies to help kids with motivation so that the student can rely on particular academic approaches for different tasks. ​

Language Acquisition is the process by which humans acquire the capacity to perceive and comprehend language, as well as to produce and use words and sentences to communicate. Language acquisition is one of the quintessential human traits, because non-humans do not communicate by using language. ​ ​ ​

Reading Comprehension improves when a child understands vocabulary words in their context. With our support and guidance your child will start understanding new, unfamiliar or difficult words. We help your child look up the meaning of the word in the dictionary or glossary and talk about its meaning in the context of the sentence. Furthermore, A-Z Educational Consultants believes in using prefixes, suffixes and other root words to grow the child’s vocabulary.​ ​ ​ ​ ​

Exceptional Students Support is support for children with special needs that require extra assistance at home. We will develop the activity schedule, self-monitoring checklists, self-management checklists and schedules for the children to follow when they arrive home from school.

Parent Support Services

A-Z Educational Consulting provides Parent Home & Educational Support. 

Young people live and learn in two worlds – home and school. The way the two connect and communicate can make an enormous difference to how children learn to manage in both places. If teachers, parents and students all trust, listen and talk to each other, the final goal of helping children learn and develop to their best ability is most likely to be achieved.

Parent Training

Parent Education is one of the most important areas that we provide support. We provide 1:1 education and training to meet your family’s unique structure. Our programs, support services and resources offer parents and caregivers the support they need to increase their capacity and confidence in raising their children in a healthy and educational nourishing environment.

Parents & Schools

Parent-Administration Facilitators work with parents to facilitate conversations with school administrators. Parents know all too well that conflict can lead to either growth or frustration. We help parents resolve conflicts creatively and constructively so that both parties leave with a plan that will lead to success for the student.

Behavioral Support

Behavior Support Interventions are used to increase positive, appropriate and social significant behaviors such as those that occur in the classroom, home and community settings while decreasing negative behaviors. The process involves identifying the negative behavior, raising awareness about alternative positive behaviors, changing the environment to reduce negative behavior and offering positive reinforcement to encourage alternative or the target behaviors to increase. Our target is for the student to engage in positive behaviors instead of seeking attention and reinforcement for negative behaviors.

Services for Schools and Organizations

A-Z Educational Consulting provide school organizations, educators and administration with procedures, strategies, and instructional techniques they can use to manage student behavior and learning activities and the parent-school team with training on how to manage student education in the home, after-school and on the weekends.

  • Administrative Leadership
  • Classroom Management
  • Language Acquisition Training
  • Parent Education
  • Reading Comprehension Workshops
  • What Works in Writing Instruction?

International Student Services

Our team of consultants will help you with:

  • College Application Assistance
  • Boarding School Placement
  • Private School Placement

Furthermore, we can assist with travel arrangement, visa applications, private and semi-private tours of campuses led by an engaging and informative tour guide. we can assist families with arranging travel for the student and family via a private jet accompanied by your own personal academic consultant. We arrange all the particulars such as hotel reservation, ground transportation and scheduling of all on campus and off campus activities for the student.

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