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Lifestyle in Memphis, Tennessee.

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Lifestyle in Memphis, Tennessee.

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It's September and we're fundraising for the site! Come see all the fun stuff we have Memmphis. Should I move to Memphis? I'm being asked to consider a job in Memphis, TN. The job itself sounds fantastic.

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Air conditioning in it is a necessity.

Cnbc named tennessee as the state with the fifth lowest cost of living in the nation.

I found a place that's like a cross between a city and a small town. The financially-focused magazine used the following criteria to make the list: average home cost, unemployment rates including direction year-to-year, overall population growth, and millennial population growth. If you're working some place on one of the two or three major arteries the interstate, Germantown Parkway, Walnut Grove, Summer Ave.

Population-wise, within city limits, yes.

Now is the time. memphis is the place.

Every time I'm home, I stare longingly at those ribs and start rethinking my decision. Just not all of them. Very important thing to know that it took me AGES to understand: looking only at the Mempihs of the various political parties, "left" in the US is to the right of the Tory party.

There are a few art museums - again, nothing on the scale of anything in London, but quite enjoyable. There will be more churches crammed into a few blocks than you would have ever thought possible.

These are considered doable road trips by Memphians, which is what we call ourselves. It was not.

I am ready dick

If you aren't familiar with the history of Lifsstyle, you might want to do some research because Memphis is still shaped by it's civil rights legacy for good and for bad. Assume the new place will be wildly different and will have merits you will discover as you go along.

Second, Memphis is definitely in the American South. Don't bet on it. My friend's teenager makes spending money as second trumpet in the pit orchestra for local theater production.

Am I -- left-wing, geeky, non-religious -- likely to be able find a welcoming community there? This list could go on and on.

I'm in an even smaller city than Memphis; my husband's boss a lawyer is the concertmaster in the local symphony orchestra. The kind of place where the guy sitting and playing sax on the sidewalk might be Rufus Thomas's best friend or something.

Also, a thriving music community, plenty of bars and restaurants, and the religious thing Lifsetyle easily avoided, especially if you stay out of the suburbs. But Memphis isn't exactly a major destination city for young, single professionals. There's also going to be a lot more to do outside. The best way I know to pad against this is to have no expectations at all of what the new culture will be like.

36 reasons to move to memphis

I absolutely understand why you're asking it, but the better question is "Tell me about Memphis! Memphis is a very small city, especially compared to somewhere like London. That car I mentioned earlier? I do know that the place I'm going has a culture of actually using their holiday allotments. It has more single people than the national average, but more kids, more senior citizens, and fewer people from than Chicago. So many trees!

The downtown South Main district LLifestyle becoming almost hip, with trendy lofts and small quirky galleries. The goods news is, as long as you don't need interstate travel, there are about ways to get from A to B, so the lack of bike lanes in, say, east memphis is not a big deal because there are a hundred different streets you could take. Just to put things in perspective.

Looking for a job in memphis?

You will Mepmhis a car, period. Louis and Nashville about 5hrs and about 3hrs respectively. Of course, Memphis is probably going to be undergoing a bit of a transition for the next few years, considering that ificant portions of it were underwater a few weeks ago. Cooper-Young, Madison Ave. It won't. That's only 52 different, interesting places.

Arrive wide open to new experiences and different ways of doing things and a readiness to learn a lot very quickly. Memphis doesn't strike me as being all that different, though others may correct me on that point.

So mentioning London and other European cities as comparators was just intended to establish a common frame of reference for the descriptions, not to start a map of exactly how the two cultures deviate from each other. Make sure your new gig includes health insurance and ask MeFi if you don't know if the coverage is good or not.

Quality of life

They are entirely different kettles of fish. So I could live close to work, but I'd have to drive to the store, or close to the store, but drive to work, etc. Lifesttle, a lot of US cities aren't even all that pedestrian friendly. So if you want to make a bike part of your regular transportation arrangements, you probably can, but you'll need to deliberately pick a single set of destinations to which you're going to bike and then drive to the rest of them.

And tons of people go who, in Chicago, would be like, "Meh, Lirestyle I'm going to [subgenre of music that interests me more]" but here they're like, "There's nothing else going on, I should go check out that indie concert," and as a result he's managed to grow the local scene and fanbase considerably! the movement here. The statistical area is majority white, and that majority is likely to be pretty damned conservative on balance.

But, answering this question depends on where the work is located as much as where you are located.