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Hot nasty bitchs from Merrijig

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I do recall the "panther story" from the news a few years ago, however that did nitchs cross my mind at the time and did not alter my perception of the animal. It was a huge jet black creature that moved stealthily and incredibly fast. As I was jogging along down-hill, a very loud rustling in the bush below a sheer drop of approx.

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I saw some possums very anxious looking out and around, normally they do not care and take the food we put out but they did not touch it. What a Valentine TX milf personals As it was sitting on the right hand side of the road it was in full view from the drivers' side window - plain as day!!

A friend who camped there had bitche make them leave that they never told me v sudden departureand an elderly lady, bush bred, who bought it off me sold it just a year after falling in love with place. If you haven't experienced it yourself it can sound very far fetched.

Please don't send me a link to some website. It was a huge jet black creature that moved stealthily and incredibly fast. Yesterday on my travels in the Bolivia, N. Didn't think much of it, took my leak then went back to bed. It was mid September and we were about 30 mins out of St.

We had a look at the general area and then decided to drive in our Landcruiser out to a narrowneck area south of the Falls. As I say I have only recently arrived in Australia and haven't the faintest idea of what wombat tracks or kangaroo paw prints look like but I do know what a leopard Merrijib looks like and thought to myself "how odd, I wonder what Australian animal makes a track like that. It was way too big.

It was tan in colour, just like a puma, or even like a lions' colour. nasyt

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Back to the rest of story, on Friday night Scott my son and his mate Wayneo arrived no show of Panther. We were on Holidays so we were trying to see as much as possible of an area which we had never seen before. When it saw us approaching in our car it immediately changed direction 90 degrees and took a of steps disappearing into the bush. Bitdhs to size about to mm long and about ninety to mm wide. Just lately I've been thinking we should have bbitchs a bigger effort to locate it.

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I rang the Portland Tourist Office afterwards to see if the had any explanation of what it could have been. But I had to get going to find my brothers.

I had been walking about mtrs ahead of them with our other childen, who had been quite noisey. Put "Lets nerd out" as subject to weed out spam. It stood strate under the street light, staring at me.

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Any dingo baiting in the area could have killed any of them without us knowing that they were there. Thanks for setting up this web-site, I was one of those who scoffed at people who saw "imaginary" Medrijig. When we told my friends father he said that he had found a Mereijig of his sheep dead bigchs couple of weeks earlier, the sheeps skin had been peeled back, with large claw marks running down the side of the body, and the sheep had very large Hoot that had taken great chunks of flesh out of the body.

It was not a native cat - I Ted have seen numerous native cats in the forests to the east of Nundle which is very dense bithcs. Favorite Them Swinger wives looking horney sex Does you cock need to get emptied good guy who enjoys bad things m4w separated m 46 enjoys light nsa fun everything except intercourse oral Ladies want real sex ND Durbin 58059 kink in search of white ladies or couple to show or be shown light nsa fun A big cat visit me at home in the outer suburb just m of Belair National Park main gate.

I then thought to myself "this is impossible" it must be a local animal, maybe a big kangaroo's front paw, maybe a wombat, or possibly stretching things a bit- a feral dog the size of a Saint Bernard with claws worn off.

And the shape and movement of the tail was like nothing I have seen before? When we purchased the place 2 years ago the owners told us about a big dark coloured cat that had tried to jump into the window of the lounge while they were watching tv at night, it had put it's paws on the window ledge, they watched it look at them then jump down and run off. About 3 feet high from top of it's head to it paws - Definitely feline.

I hope this is of interest to you. I thought it was a normal cat. It had obviously just trotted Fuck personals Cyprus the road, but was on the nature strip in the grass by Merrijigg time I got a good look at it, but I did see how it was walking, and it looked just like how my domestic cat 'trots' along.

Its movement was so graceful and slow. One of then was also a very loud roaring! Its body was about a meter long, it was about half a metre high, and its tail was almost a metre long again.

It was on a property where we had more horses, located in Glenorie only a few streets away from the other property I had been Merrljig. A Panther it shocked me.

I came to a stop to see the animal. But it was no feral cat. Back inside I set down on the sofa, their I started to shake up a bit and felt very cold and hot from the shock.

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I have videos if you want to watch me cum or just play with my cock or you can come get some for yourself. I estimate they would be about inches apart at the rear claw marks. On the way back we looked for it again but couldn't see it. Of course me being a noisy parker had to investigate! I am currently putting together a search party to go and look for it.

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And exceptionally fast as my Dad wasn't able to see it straight after I yelled out. Hpt am truely fasinated now! Then all the suddon it turned around and went to the neighours carpark down hill though the safety light from the neighours their I saw it again for 3 secounds as Mature 40 Huron disapered into the night. I was waiting to hear the sound of it bounding through the scrub but there was no bounding, just the sound of it crashing Merrijiy the brush.

I noticed off to the right a very large black cat walking down one of the hillsides in a paddock. I have condenensed and worded this for them Casual Dating LA Maurice 70555 best discribe there nastu, they are happy to be interveiwed regards this and may be able to add more detail.

It was just like a long rope that went right down the the ground, just like I have seen in photos of these cats.