Have No Fear, the Dial-a-Story Storytime Hotline is Here!

Call our Broward County Library at 954-357-7777 for an instant story read to your child through the phone. 

Nap time, bed time, meltdown time – any time!  Call our Broward County Library at 954-357-7777 for an instant story read to your child through the phone.

Broward County Library’s Dial-a-Story Storytime Hotline for Children provides four new children’s stories each week.  We could not believe that this is a complimentary service provided by our library – yes, free!  Each week, they will select new, professionally-recorded stories geared towards younger children to include “a mix of contemporary tales, timeless classics and favorite fairy and folk tales.” 


This week’s selection included four diverse titles, easy to navigate using the prompts provided and dialing 1-2-3-4.  Our current stories include: The Three Little Pigs (a fun classic for the littles to get excited), Sun, Moon, and Wind Go Out To Dinner (a sacred Indian fairy tale), The Donkey in the Lion’s Skin (Aesop’s Fable), The Rooster and the Fox (an Aesop’s Fable).  Each story is read at a comfortable, entertaining pace and lasts a few minutes each.  We loved the variety of titles provided and the timbre of the female storyteller’s voice.


At Mommy ‘n Me, we really see our children reacting in a positive way to Dial-a-Story.  As parents ourselves, we particularly appreciate being able to provide the younger children with the opportunity to use the phone appropriately by making a call (instead of, for example playing a game through an application or navigating over to YouTube) and sharpen their listening skills without demanding verbal response skills that may not be developmentally appropriate.  The kids simply delight in interacting with our library with such access, selection and independence.


Have fun with storytime each week at your local library branch.  They offer highly-interactive and enriching experiences as well as social time to meet and interact with friends, new and old.  Many branches offer multiple times and types throughout the week.  Find your branch at https://mommynme.co/support-our-broward-county-libraries/ and check the calendars for their daily activities and events.  When you visit your local library, let them know just how much your child appreciates this delightful service!  


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As mothers, our libraries are the first place we turn to for community: introducing them to a structured learning environment that fosters a love of books, reading and language. We are a rich and diverse area with 38 libraries available and many offering events and activities that touch a lifetime, from infant and toddler storytimes through adult education and enrichment programs. To best support our ever-increasing population, the Broward County Library system is built of larger, central libraries and supporting neighborhood libraries, as well.


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