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Fun girl for tonight

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She was really cute; South American look, long curly hair, amazing eyes, in her young twenties. And as I said, she looked really bored, so I asked her if she wanted to play a game. So she was up to it. Sounds easy right?

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Do something crafty. So actually, I won. Marisa Donnelly is a poet and author of the book, Somewhere on a Highway, available here. We talked for about 10 minutes more, and then I had to catch my plane.

So as you should know by now, gilr had much fun with this little game. Watch a chick flick, because honestly nothing beats lazy, snuggling, popcorn-eating movie nights.

When was the last time you finished a game of Monopoly…like probably never, right? Enjoy these type of games?

What is jktc?

Play truth or dare. Sometimes a new wardrobe can change your entire self-image. And good luck guys! Sometimes you just need a new FB picture, okay?

A fun game you could play with a cute girl tonight

Get all glammed up and stage the perfect shot of you, of you both, of you and your pupper, of a cute craft or recipe you just made. Host your Seeking hotwife 76401 dance party. Because sometimes you just need to rejuvenate and restart. Have a book club night. Need ideas? Make dinner from scratch.

Whether you and tnight girlfriends have been friends for ages, or just recently started hanging out, sharing memories and stories from the past can bring you together and leave you in a fit of giggles at how crazy you were when you were younger. Have a photoshoot. So she was up to it.

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Check this list of some good ones on Netflix. Make healthy milkshakes.

There are a zillion different love movies, comedies, scary movies, etc. Find something you all can agree on and put your feet up. Share your favorite, most embarrassing, and funniest memories. So I started by asking her where we were.

Treat friends and family near and far to spa days, fun things to do, and more

Who needs the crazy bar scene and the drunken half-shouting into the crappy microphone when you can do all of gkrl at home with more fun and less stress? Good, she gets it. Or disregard and just have a damn treat. Take night to just zone out on an artsy project.

26 fun (and easy) ideas for your girls’ night in

Check this list. Do a clothing swap. Complete with the sliced cucumbers over the eyes, have a full on nail painting, calming music, tonught baths, and face masks. Binge watch scary movies.

Maybe not the let loose, chill out type of girls night in, honight a valuable one nonetheless. And because I am such a gentleman, I bought her a coffee anyway.

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Girk I dare you to share it. Spend a night prepping for the week by cooking and preparing lunches or freezer meals for the future. Sounds easy right?