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Dating ad network

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Dating ad network

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Although this monopoly is much less pronounced in the dating industry, the weight of the largest players has pushed the space further towards niche specialisation — something that has also happened in the digital ad space. Launched in October by industry veterans Michael Carter and Michael Allen, the platform focuses exclusively on connecting advertisers Datinng publishers in niche dating markets. The network currently offers over 70 niche dating ad channels, and is working with a Dahing of publishers across the US and Europe. It is a recognition that there are individuals with very specific interests, and it makes sense to focus directly to those people instead of to the general market. We recently chatted to Carter a the new venture, why he sees it as filling a gap in the dating market, and why dating advertisers and publishers should be interested in the new ad network.

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Having a PlugRush as an advertiser, excited to run dating offers and preparing various creatives is your first act too! Marin Software also offers a series of effective analytics tools to help measure the performance of your and give you the insight needed to optimize accordingly. betwork

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This is obvious: Your banners should be congruent with your offer. This tends to scare media buyers because we tend to be cautious based on experience and do not go all out from the get go. From the get go the traffic is there, the conversions too but again the avg position is high so we need to up the bidding. They set them up to be super speedy, they worry about the domain not being flagged! Casual dating? They support graphic bannerpop-underor interstitial.

Have a good banner pool.

The network currently offers over 70 niche dating ad channels, and is working with a range of publishers across the US and Europe. Taboola Taboola is another native advertising platform worth looking into. Test things, be persistent with your media buying game, optimizing and scaling.

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Da goal here is to give you examples of strategies before you set up advertising campaigns, the initial premises for each traffic type and the initial that each produced — this part dictated our future actions in Act 3. Changing the content on landing s is done for obvious reasons testing, testing and more testing. Etology has worked with me every step of the way in assuring that my campaign was getting the proper exposure it needed, and helped with my conversions.

Act 2 The start and state of campaigns Starting campaigns on PlugRush is super easy. The were networkk after a day or two, but the next 2 months brought in a BIG profit!

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Readers subscribe to their list to receive new book deals, and advertisers can pay to have their book promoted on the platform. Every time I purchase from Etology, I get some of the best clickthrough rates for my campaigns. How did we check the quality of it?

Daging The advertisers like that they know their are reaching the right audiences. By the end of the month, and a few optimisation cycles later, new landers and offers — ProfitSocial, the looked like this: the ROI is Do your homework and figure out how the product works before you start your campaigns. Back in the day these were called plugs hence PlugRush.

However, it has since been used to buy and sell traffic across a broader of industries as well. We talked about how you should do your homework and learn about the offers you want to Datign. Bid higher, mark the campaigns in your sheet and always keep an eye on them.

The reason: people constantly change their status all over the globe and seek new adventures. One less worry. Our main goal with media buying is to test out different features that we have, our internal anti fraud system, publishers traffic quality, etc. For dating?

54 alternative ad networks to open up new channels of growth in

But also keep in mind the GEO and the language. Their retargeting feature is available for on Facebook, Twitter and countless other sites, while their staff offers excellent support to help you leverage retargeting to its fullest potential.

Having a smartlink comes in handy here! Niche Ad Network recognised the lack of a niche ad network focused specifically on the online dating market, and more importantly, on the unique demographic and interest-based divisions within the online dating market. Find out more about Niche Ad Network here. If an ad does not perform well, you should cut it and add more.

Dating affiliate networks

You can also do your own whitelabel with them. Famebit Famebit is a self-service platform for video marketing that connects advertisers with YouTubers that can expand their reach to related customers. This is big because currently there is no way for outside advertisers like Facebook and Google to track conversions post-click. On the other hand, the desktop traffic is now in the green with a whopping ROI of This is the time when that part pays off.

Launched in October by industry veterans Michael Carter and Michael Allen, the platform focuses exclusively on connecting advertisers and publishers in niche dating markets.

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If you are looking for an ad network for your traffic needs, then you need Datimg give Etology a try. Display — which are essentially banner that display on the right-hand side of some screens. The easiest way is to the site! Hoovers Hoovers is a business intelligence company that has provided information on various industries for the past 25 years.

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The quality blew us away. Vibrant can place your ad in the middle of premium content on different publisher sites so that it gets seen by an engaged audience, and so that you establish consumer trust. Creatives and landers tend to die out quickly.