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We all enjoy cooking with Chef Alice, it's like hanging in the kitchen with family! Excellent instruction with a side of humor, paired with patience and preparedness for an instantly gratifying time!
Excellent instruction with a side of humor, paired with patience and preparedness for an instantly gratifying time!

We all enjoy cooking with Chef Alice, it’s like hanging in the kitchen with family! There will be laughter and there will be warmth, there will be tastings and glasses refilled!  When you join Chef Alice in the her charismatic kitchen near the Turnpike and Atlantic Boulevard, you are welcomed in as a guest and walk away with skills and greater confidence to bring back to your own kitchen.

As a mother and grandmother, she emphasizes that the kitchen is a social environment and cooking evokes childhood memories and comforts that can and should be shared with your own family.  There are many ways that children can help in the kitchen and it’s never to early start.  Every experience is still-building and things dropped or spilled are all okay, simply part of the process which should be fun!  Chef Alice does offer specialty classes, both Mommy/Daddy and Me Cooking (ages 2-5) and Kid’s Cooking Classes (ages 5 through 8 Years).  Check her calendar to see what’s cooking this month:

It’s quite a gift, the gift Chef Alice has of making new ingredients familiar and
easing everyone into cooking skills like the proper way to chop and dice or sear and bake.  It’s easy and fun, after all, and she reminds us of this with her enthusiasm that stays with you long after class has finished.  She loves to share tips and tricks, such as making favorite store-bought items at home for a fraction of the price with double the flavor.  Her instruction and technique are delivered in such a comfortable and off-the-cuff way that you’ll spend the time smiling, impressed and inspired.
You are greeted with homemade iced tea and prepared snacks in a kitchen well-organized and prepped for engaging, hands-on cooking. Together, you’ll learn your suite of ingredients through an introduction to your choice of cuisine.  Whether it’s Thai, Middle Eastern or Mexican, Alice says learning a few, basic skills is the groundwork for taking on global cuisine.
Alice adapts, accommodating various dietary needs from vegetarian through gluten-free, offering helpful and useful tips to guide you as only great teachers do. Such needs are not looked at as restrictions, but as a lifestyle, making cooking fresh and healthy ingredients tangible, attainable (and tasty) for families.
You’ll be amazed at how much you can learn in a few, short hours. Alice’s professionalism and grace are bar none!
Let’s discuss dinner!  The final event when fresh ingredients and classic flavors have combined and your palate can fully appreciate the meal you’ve prepared! After learning and cooking your three-course meal, you’ll all be able to sit down and enjoy the wonderful meal you’ve created. If you’re lucky, there may even be leftovers to bring back with you!  Class recipes are sent electronically and include a shopping and prep list to facilitate recreating the class menu for friends and family.
Call on Chef Alice to make birthdays and special events memorable and gratifying.  From courses to demonstrations and corporate team building experiences, you can count on Alice to bring quality instruction and her sharp sense of humor to the table.
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Upcoming Cooking Classes & Events 

May 28 @ 11:00 am – 12:30 pm
Ages 5-8, $35.00 per child
While lively Mariachi music plays, your budding little chef will have a great time mixing, shredding, brushing, sprinkling, pouring and spreading (oh my!) a  variety of ingredients to create a meal that they will want to recreate at home! Chicken & Refried Bean Tostadas with Chipotle-Lime Crema and Mexican Mini Hot Fudge Sundaes.
Whether your budding chef’s cooking class is held in my kitchen or yours, we’ll take care of everything needed for their class; food, supplies, a healthy snack, beverage and recipes All kids classes are hands-on  and centered on engaging them in a fun cooking experience in order to give them the skills they need in the kitchen, and to make informed choices around food, health and diet. You can expect all classes are delivered in a patient, fun and informative way, and are sure to keep young cooks focused.
3 Course Event, Skills and a Meal!
June 10 @ 3:30 – 6:30 pm
Join us for our next exclusive Mama’s Night Out conveniently scheduled on a weekend afternoon. Our cuisine choice for the event is Mediterranean! We receive 2 hours of hands-on cooking skills in her private kitchen preparing a full 3 course meal at $50 per seat, exclusive to accommodate 8 Mamas. We are provided with a shopping and prep list to more easily remake at home.

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