Connect with Your Tribe at Hebrew School with Downtown Hebrew for Kids

Connect with Your Tribe at Hebrew School! Learn Jewish Identity and Pride, Values and Community with Downtown Hebrew for Kids.

Hebrew School with Downtown Hebrew for Kids is your family’s instant connection to our Jewish community, strengthening your child’s home life, sense of social responsibility and Jewish identity. We live in a diverse Jewish community and Downtown Hebrew holds a welcoming place for your child to fit right in, regardless of their level of prior education when walking through the doors that very first time. When they arrive, they will be met with new friends of various backgrounds and ages, interacting, singing together and forming bonds that last a lifetime.

Our children are supported by warm and engaging teachers who are well-trained, certified and experienced. Widely experienced! The team at the DJCC hebrew school holds backgrounds in childhood education and psychology, special needs training and can communicate with your child in many languages, including Hebrew, Yiddish, English and Spanish. Their mission is to use a multi-sensory approach and infuse the spirit of Judaism and love of learning Hebrew into your child’s life, becoming true partner’s in your child’s Jewish education.

Connect with Jewish Identity and Pride

Hebrew school is often the cornerstone for a child’s formal Jewish education, supplementing each week with Hebrew language and learning of culture, history, tzedakah and mitzvot, heritage, Israel, Jewish customs and pride. It is a child’s favorite time of the week to meet friends and socialize while learning together over their shared heritage and culture, developing their Jewish identity and pride. Hebrew for Kids provides the highest standard of Hebrew language study, immersing children in the Hebrew language. Language skills are integrated into Jewish studies so children may appropriately apply it into their lives through listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Connect with Jewish Values and Community

Basic concepts of charity (tzedakah) and good deeds (mitzvah) are fundamental concepts that the school aims to develop through hands-on learning, visuals and participation. Downtown Hebrew for Kids develops a sense of commitment to others through charity. At the culmination of the year, the Tzedakah gathered each week is provided to a specific charity so the children can see what they have accomplished. Each classroom has a Mitzvah tree that Mitzvah Notes are hung on: notes describing good deeds and random acts of goodness and kindness your child has done. The children love to share their personal experiences and acts of kindness with their friends. They love to watch their tree grow!

We can’t wait to meet you there! The Hebrew school your kids love!

Downtown Hebrew for Kids at DJEC

Connect with Your Tribe at Hebrew School! Learn Jewish Identity and Pride, Values and Community with Downtown Hebrew for Kids.  Hebrew School in Downtown Fort Lauderdale is held each Sunday morning at 10:00 a.m. No child will be turned away for lack of funds. For scholarships, financial assistance or payment plans, please ask to speak with Devorah at 954-667-8000.

Hebrew School

DJEC Steen Family Educational Center
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Downtown Jewish Preschool in East Fort Lauderdale

Hebrew School

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