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The Water Smart Broward! Swim Coupon saves $40 of the price of swim instruction from participating locations across Broward County.

If your child is between the ages of 6 months and 4 years, there is every reason in the world to apply for the Water Smart Broward! Swim Coupon.   This coupon provides a savings of $40 off of water safety swim classes from several dozen participating swim instruction locations across Broward County.

Coupon Terms & Conditions

The Water Smart Broward! Swim Coupon saves $40 of the price of swim instruction from participating locations across Broward County.  The coupon is a physical postcard to hand-in when registering for classes and arrive to the address provided during application within 5 to 10 days after submission.

  • Must provide a residential Broward County address and redeem at a participating swim class location
  • Each child is eligible for 1 coupon per year (October 1 through September 30)
  • Your child must be between the ages 6 mos – 4 years
  • Coupons expire 100 days from their issue date
  • You will need to provide your child’s name, birth date, email, residential address, Broward region

If you lose your coupon, or it expires, simply re-apply to receive a new swim coupon.

Water Safety in Broward County

The initiative for this coupon program is to ensure the safety of young children around water sources which are prevalent across Broward County, from in-home baths and pools to canals and beaches.  Their Goal, as outlined in the “Water Smart Broward Action Plan“, states:

“Reduce the incidence of fatal and nonfatal drowning among children ages 1-4 in Broward County Municipalities.”

They also train community professionals that work in or around water sources to help identify and reduce drowning risks.  You can be a Water Smart Mom by following some basic guidelines, such as:

  • Always watching and staying within reach of your child while in the water – don’t take your eyes off of them!
  • Check the temperature prior to letting your child into the water.
  • Check the area for electrical safety risks beforehand (whether in the bathtub, outside source or pool)
  • When not using a water source, ensure that access is restricted by using locks, gates and/or covers
  • Look for and empty uncommon safety risks, such as large buckets, reservoirs or decorative ponds
  • As always, wear appropriate UV clothing and apply sunscreen, have water available for hydration and provide appropriate rest times for your child.   Ask your swim instructor about the use of hats and sunglasses and when they are appropriate.

Prepare Your Child for Swim Instruction

When your child is introduced to water safety and swim instruction, they are bombarded by new sensations, expectations and challenges.  Being an aware and empathetic parent can troubleshoot many common issues children face, such as fear of the water, discomfort performing tasks and trust in an instructor.   With a positive introduction, an impression of what to expect, encouragement and positive reinforcement, you can help your child attend the instructor and learn the new skills at hand.

  1. Your child has taken cue from you from Day 1, so checking your nervous energy at the door and having a calm and upbeat approach is something that will rub off on your child.  This is what we call ‘behavior modeling’.  This can continue from the sidelines of the pool, or with your child during instruction.
  2. Videos and books can be great sources for your child to see other children approaching the water, having fun playing and receiving instruction in the pool and practicing water safety.  These tools can be used prior to your first experience and to reinforce what is being learned throughout and after classes.
  3. Remember the safety precautions from in the previous section?  These are things you can verbally and physically check with your child while walking through them.  This can help them feel in control of the new situation and teach them safety at the same time.  The hope is that will become second nature to them, as well!
  4. When a new skill is being introduced or mastered, positive reinforcement and verbal encouragement from a parent is like a Gold Medal!  Use it liberally, no matter how small each step seams to you, it may be monumental for your child.  If your child is struggling or dealing with fears, modeling along with them and a rewards chart can give them the extra support they need to succeed.
  5. Safety Jackets and Life Preservers – use as precautionary, but don’t let them interfere with your child’s instruction.  These have a time and place, but overuse will impede your children’s learning of water skills and understanding of how their bodies interact in aqueous environments.  These safety devices are encouraged for use next to water when giving the child independence, but children should be taught how to swim and water safety skills without such devices for authentic learning to take place, or introduced when teaching a new skill and then removed.

There are some water safety activity sheets and downloads you can do with your child to help introduce them to water safety

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