Bodhi’s Brew for a Naturally Mindful Home

Bodhi's Brew lovingly crafts tonics and products for your families health and well-being and can be visited at the Yellow Green Market in Hollywood, FL each weekend!
When we become mothers, our view of the world changes: we change with whom we surround ourselves, what we put in our bodies in order to best grow and stay well, which things we put on our bodies to nourish and treat…  all of these choices become critically important as we take care of the brand-new skin and budding immune systems of the most precious things in our world.  Our children, our families.
Bodhi’s Brew allows you to take your family’s well-being to a new level, a trusted level, as it’s owner, Jill, has put her heart and soul into creating a product line that cares for your family, house and home as if it were her own.  She, and the products she has brewed and perfected, bring a deeper approach to living mindfully by combining antiseptic, healing and rejuvenating ingredients into how we care for our bodies inside and out in a globally-responsible way.

Products to Live Mindfully

Their All Purpose Cleaner/Produce Wash is what initially connected us. I had long been over conventional sprays and cleansers, very concerned with what my children were breathing-in and interacting with while I cleaned their environment. I had been concocting my own mixtures of vinegar and essential oils and whichever other base ingredients I had read-up about, scouring various late-night articles and blogs.  I had heard from a mother in our group that there was another mother who took this very seriously herself, for her own health and family’s needs, and had been turning out amazing batches of products right from her very own kitchen.  A mother who was also raising aware and forward-thinking children, a mother who not only worried about turning out healthy and quality meals for them, but was cooking up a business in the midst of a demand for higher-quality products for other families’ homes. This is how I originally heard of Jill and her company, Bodhi’s Brew.   I was impressed.
Their signature cleaner is SO natural, that it can also be used as a produce wash on your fruits and veggies.  I love multi-purpose and I also love saving space.  It’s as if this product was designed specifically for me.  And you can bring in your spray bottle and have it refilled if you’re really recycle-friendly (but, that might just be me…).  This stuff is great on all surfaces – even streak-free ones such as glass tops and mirrors!  It smells great, which was a big factor for me, infused with deliciousness such as clove and citruses.
Let’s discover the rest!

Products for Health

Their line of Health & Wellness products are what initially got me over for a visit.   Let’s talk about the wonderful things you put IN the body that keep it well with Bodhi’s Brew.  Elderberry Tonic was, ultimately, my answer to the kid’s health once they stopped breastfeeding and helps keep them well throughout the year.  Each weekend, she has a variety of delectable kombuchas to choose from (that also keeps me coming back).  We’re talking mouth-watering – think Blueberry Sage and Pineapple Lime Coconut!  She even sells Kombucha Start-up Kits to get you going in the right direction from the comfort and ease of your own home!
  • Elderberry Tonic
  • Hive Power Capsules
  • Kombucha Start Up Kit
  • Liquid Pollen
  • Local Kombucha by Kombulicious
  • Pollen
  • Propolis Resin
  • Royal Jelly Capsules
  • Skin Therapy Salve
  • Turmeric Golden Honey

Body & Skin Care

But wait, there’s more!  We introduce to you the Bodhi’s Brew line of Body Products & Skin Care.  Think the therapeutic effects of cucumber, witch hazel, aloe vera, coconut oil, and geranium and frankincense essential oils.  Combine that with kid-friendly, kosher and vegan.  Products include:

  • Bodhi’s Ban-Tastic Bug Away
  • Saffi’s Anti-Aging Serum
  • Saffi’s Sage Spray Deodorant
  • Saffi’s Silky Hand Sanitizer
  • Saffi’s Silky Shampoo
  • Skin Therapy Salve
  • Saffi’s Silky Hand Sanitizer


And, in case you were wondering, Bodhi is Jill’s boy’s name.  Yes, Jill is a wonderful and devoted mother like the rest of us.  Her oldest is Saffi (you may have noticed her name throughout the product lines), youngest is Bodhi and has yet another little blessing making his or her appearance at a soon-to-be-date that we are excited to announce!  We have no idea how she gets all the things done that she does, but we appreciate it and salute you as an amazing Mompreneur!

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