One Local Community

Welcome to Mommy ‘n Me!  You made it!  Wherever you are in your parenting journey, you are doing amazingly and you have like-minded mamas here to walk alongside you and be your community.

Mommy ‘n Me is an inclusive and unifying group of mamas working together to ensure that local families learn about and utilize the many wonderful resources available to improve their lives and relationships.  We believe that we are stronger together, that there is plenty of room and opportunity for all of the mommy groups, learning centers, educational institutions, shops, restaurants and excursions with whom we participate. These combined services and companies form a network of support, helping us maintain a healthy family and home, develop our children’s social, active and learning circles, find where to go and what to do during family time as well as how to spend our rare and valuable personal time.


Mommy Club For Local Families

We are a community of great mamas providing support for each other in person and on-line.  We meet up for local events and activities with and for our children – for socialization, play, learning and fun.  Along the way, we make friends and grow together, sharing experiences, interests and a passion for providing enriching experiences for our children to flourish.

With activities provided throughout the week and weekends, both day and evening, each of our members has the opportunity to meet new people while enjoying all our community has to offer. We promote acceptance of the little ones and their natural behavior and we encourage all ages to have positive social interactions.

Become a member of Mommy ‘n Me for access to all of the  places to go and things to do.  We join and organize play groups, storytimes, potlucks and brunches to bring our little ones together to learn from their interactions together and mamas to learn from and help each other.  Join >>

Community Directory For Local Businesses

Are you a local school, play place, offer services to families or children?  Would you like to reach all of the families and our community?   Add Your Business >>

The families in our community love to learn about great places to go, new ways to grow with their children and ways to enrich their day-to-day lives while supporting local businesses.  Gain immediate reach to the local market of families, mothers and children in the Mommy ‘n Me Community.  We spread the word so you can focus on your business.